Company: Đang cập nhật
Xếp hạng VNR500:
Mã số thuế: 0106300187
Mã chứng khoán: Chưa niêm yết
Trụ sở chính: M Floor, Viglacera Building 671 Hoang Hoa Tham, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Viet Nam.
Tel: (+84-24) 3247 4683
Fax: (+84-24) 3247 4682
E-mail: contact@giza.com.vn
Website: http://giza.com.vn
Năm thành lập: 04/09/2013

Giới thiệu

In the recent past, the construction industry has undergone many changes that force us to adapt and develop our business to encompass these changes. We at Giza E&C have welcomed and embraced the many changes in our industry and feel that our awareness is part of why we are a recognized leader in the industrial construction in Vietnam.
Our strengths lie in the diversity, quality and technical experience of our personnel. Our organization is combined of specialized professionals who are highly qualified, continuously trained and experienced in all aspects of any construction projects. Giza’s team consists of construction innovators allowing us to think creatively about each project and to find optimum construction solutions.
The most rewarding part of Giza’s service is creating additional value for its clients through value engineering and construction. We encourage clients to come into the development and design process at the earliest opportunity, such that Giza’s in-house skills can be fully implemented to reduce cost, improve quality and shorten project duration. Over many years we have been recognized as the leading industrial general contractor in Vietnam and have received numerous projects from repeated clients and referrals by satisfied ones.
All projects, whether large or small, receive the same client-focused, innovative, quality driven attention. Our construction management services afford our clients a level of security that their project will produce positive results and meet their goals. We welcome the opportunity to provide these services to both domestic and international business owners.
It is our mission to manage the business of construction in a manner of integrity and respect, upholding honesty, while creating a profitable and positive environment for our customers, employees and our community.
Our commitment to the construction industry is strong, and we embrace our future with enthusiasm.
In closing, on behalf of the Giza E&C, we want to thank our many clients we have served over the last 4 years and look forward to our future opportunities. We truly value all of the strong relationships we have developed and will continue to foster those relationships in the years to come.

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